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Williams Lake is a city in the Central Interior of British Columbia, in the central part of a region known as the Cariboo. Williams Lake is the second-largest city by the metropolitan area's population, in the Cariboo, after neighboring Quesnel. The city is famous for its Williams Lake Stampede, the second largest professional rodeo in Canada after only the Calgary Stampede.

The city of Williams Lake plays a vital role in developing and sustaining an excellent economic climate and promoting industrial and commercial investment to boost the property tax base and generate job opportunities. The city collaborates on projects that support this function with local businesses and regional and senior government partners regularly.

Williams Lake and the surrounding region have a robust and varied economy sustained by forestry, mining, agriculture, tourism, and, most importantly, people. Williams Lake is unrivaled in terms of lifestyle. A contemporary city with all major facilities, a wonderful hometown, and western hospitality make this a perfect spot to raise a family, establish a business, or retire. The surrounding natural forest provides an endless playground, yet city life comforts are only outside the door. With an appealing combination of business opportunities and good quality of life, the Williams Lake region is a fantastic location to live and work!

Local Businesses in Williams Lake
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