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Terrace is a city located near the Skeena River in British Columbia, Canada. The community is the regional retail and service hub for the northwestern portion of British Columbia. With a current population of over 12,000 within municipal boundaries, the city services surrounding communities, bringing the Greater Terrace Area population to over 18,000 residents. The Kitselas and Kitsumkalum people, tribes of the Tsimshian Nation, have lived in the Terrace area for thousands of years. The individual Indigenous communities neighbor the city with Kitselas to the east and Kitsumkalum to the west.

Terrace is the place to do business in Northwest British Columbia. Terrace is the region's service, educational, and medical center, with the most significant regional population base in this area of the province. Terrace is the location of choice for many established businesses and entrepreneurs, as it is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the billions of dollars in major projects occurring in mining, renewable energy, and LNG.

Terrace's economic development is a collection of initiatives, projects, and programs that will improve our quality of life and resilience. Economic development focuses on the fundamental aspects of business retention and expansion, investor recruitment, sector development, and workforce and community development. The city's goal is to set the tone, be inclusive, take the lead, and advocate for well-informed policies.

Local Businesses in Terrace
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