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Prince George is the largest city in northern British Columbia by population. The population of the city is 74,000 people. Prince George offers good conditions and opportunities for development in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing: Machinery, Chemical, and Food;
  • Forestry, Wood Products, and Bioproducts;
  • Professional Services: Engineering, Environmental Services, and Resource Management;
  • Transportation, Warehousing and E-commerce;
  • Construction: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and General Contractors.

Prince George is a promising place to develop your business. The city's main advantages are a healthy and stable economy, excellent transport links, an abundance of available land, and competitive tax rates. By the way, development charges in the city are one of the lowest in Canada.

The City holds a series of annual face-to-face meetings with business owners and managers as part of its Business Retention and Expansion Program to discuss the local business climate. The Economic Development Department is always looking for views on the strengths and challenges of doing business in Prince George and how the City can help companies to grow.

Local Businesses in Prince George
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