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Things to do in Prince George, BC

About Prince George

Welcome to Prince George! The largest city in northern BC, Prince George will charm you from the very first minute of your visit. Prince George is both the center of culture in the area and the hub of outdoor activity. As you are getting ready for your first acquaintance with this charming city, check out these five things you can do in Prince George, regardless if you are traveling on your own or with family!

#1: Get a selfie with the famous Mr. PG

Mr. PG is arguably the most beloved monument in Prince George. Constructed in 1960, the wooden figure of Mr. PG is a salute to the city’s wood industry. In 2020, Mr. PG remains a well-known symbol of the city, who welcomes each visitor with his happy smile. Definitely a must-see for anyone traveling to Prince George!

#2: Taste delicious wines in a local winery

Prince George’s Northern Lights Estate Winery is the top choice for those who are looking for a wine tasting experience. The winery specializes in local wines made from strawberry, gooseberry, cherry, apple, and other fruits and berries. The facility overlooks the picturesque Nechako River and the city, so you will also be able to enjoy a scenic view of Prince George.

#3: Learn about trains at Central Railway & Forestry Museum

This open-air museum is perfect for kids and adults who have a thing for trains. Here you and your kids can climb around various locomotives and trains, learning more about the great era of railway. And if you are willing to take a ride on a train, there is a little one that travels around the place — do not miss the opportunity!

#4: Enjoy a hike in Cottonwood Island Nature Park

Bordered by the Nechako River and the Fraser River, Cottonwood Island Nature Park is a fantastic place for those who enjoy outdoor entertainment. Walk the trails, enjoy a picnic lunch with a family, feed the birds from your hands as you walk, or watch beautiful carvings on the trees. The park is worthwhile to stop and check out at every season!

#5: Explore history at The Exploration Place Museum

If you are a history buff and/or a science geek, The Exploration Place is the spot you should not miss. Here you can be educated about the life on Earth, enjoy live hands-on exhibits, and learn about the vibrant history of Prince George. Be sure to check out the gift store downstairs to bring home memorable items that will remind you of your visit in Prince George!