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Best Hikes near Prince George, BC


Many people do not believe Northern BC is beautiful or has much to offer, but I am here to show them wrong. The Prince George region is rich with hidden treasures and infrequently seen locations. Some of the activities on this list are very near to Prince George, while others require a little trip, but each is worthwhile.

Here are some of the best hikes near Prince George, BC:

Ancient Forest Trail

This woodland is one-of-a-kind. It is the world's only known inland wet-temperate rainforest. Ancient cedars that are about 2000 years old may be found here. It's interesting to walk through this Jurassic Park-like woodland. Oh, and there's also a waterfall.

War Falls

This short trek in Carp Lake Provincial Park leads to a spectacular cascading waterfall. An observation platform is located at the trail's conclusion. You may stroll in the water to the foot of the falls when the water levels are low enough.

Fort George Canyon Trail

This trek is roughly a half-hour drive south of Prince George. The 12-kilometer round-trip climb is all downhill into the canyon. You will witness stunning volcanic rock islands in the midst of the murky Fraser River once you arrive. When the river is low, you may walk out to several of the rocky islands.

Forests For the World

Forests for the World is a provincial park in the Fraser-Nechako plateau area of Prince George, British Columbia. It features more than 15 kilometers of multi-purpose paths that go through Small Reflection Lake and Shane Lake. Forests for the World allows you to see the difference between a natural and a managed forest. It's a lovely spot near town.

West Lake Provincial Park

West Lake Provincial Park is a British Columbia provincial park. There are picnic tables, toilets, and fire pits for boaters and water skiers. The beach, animal watching, and water sports are all available to visitors. The park has a beach, animal watching, water sports, and hiking trails. The park has 15 kilometers of paths that are open in both the summer and winter seasons.

Moore’s Meadow Nature Park

Moore's Meadow Nature Park is a large nature preserve with several walking and hiking routes. The park area totals more than 60 hectares (150 acres) and is best explored through four-loop pathways that round the meadow. The neighborhood boasts almost 5 kilometers of a jumble of trees, bushes, and animals. There are additional 9.5 kilometers of paths with high observation places throughout the park. The path is also open in the spring, summer, and autumn. The path is mostly used for hiking, jogging, and nature walks. Moore's Meadow Nature Park is a vast, open space that is popular among dog walkers.